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What is Good Works DPC?

Good Works DPC was created out of a need to be able to practice the healing art of medicine the way it was intended; without the external manipulative forces from insurance companies, profiteers, or corporate management which are ever present and hurting the Doctor-Patient relationship. In Direct Primary Care, you partner directly with your doctor which allows for superb medical care while actually keeping costs down. The Direct Primary Care (DPC) model of care allows the needs of the patient to dictate the length and frequency of visits, not external forces to the Doctor-Patient relationship. Medical care never was a business, it is a horrible thing to make into a business, and the current system has perverted something so pure and kind into something so empty, sterile, without care, and dangerous. This is not healthy, and is antithetical to proper medical care. The system is sick, and it is making patients AND doctors within it sick. Good Works DPC is the refuge where I am able to continue to properly help people. 


Good Works DPC is NOT concierge medicine, that type of arrangement still utilizes insurance, and thus has to do what insurance dictates, while still charging an often exorbitant membership fee. Good Works DPC does not take insurance, but if you have insurance you can use it for tests, meds, and studies. However, there is a good chance I can still get these things for you for less than what your insurance will charge you. That is part of the magic of DPC; you get an advocate that helps you navigate the medical system and makes it work more to your advantage.

My goal with Good Works DPC is to offer superb medical care, at a remarkably reasonable price, and to better my community. Because of the more personal approach of DPC practices, the total number of patients taken on by each DPC physician is smaller than those that work for insurance. Typical insurance based practice will have 2100-3000 patients per doctor, and see anywhere from 24-36 a day. Ever felt rushed in and out? Short on time? Doctor often running late? This is the reason. This dilutes and robs time from the Doctor-Patient interaction, and most doctors hate this paradigm. The typical DPC physician will stop enrolling new patients when they hit 600 so that they do not dilute their availability to those patients. This is why we can offer same day or next day visits, phone or video visits, house calls, after hours visits for urgent issues, direct phone access to your physician, and direct email access. This is what medicine used to be, it is the core of medicine, and medicine needs to get back to its roots again. Good Works DPC is all that and more!

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