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Depending on medical need, same day and next day appointments are easily available. Length of appointments are dictated by  your medical need, and not by the need to see a certain number of patients a day as is the case in insurance based practice. Appointments can also be flexible. We can do telephone or video when appropriate and convenient. We could go for a walk down the local nature or bike trail during our appointment, because that is healthy and a great use of time. This is our practice, we can do what we want with minimal limitations. 

House Calls

That's right, just like the good old days of medical care when your doctor could come to you. If you have an issue that would be best  ​​served with a house call, then that is what we will do. As I am the only physician, though, house calls are limited to availability, distance, and medical need on a case by case basis. 

Low Cost Lab

I have negotiated with local labs for discounted lab fees. You will know the cost before it is even ordered. 

Medications Dispensed In Office

​​I have partnered with several medication wholesalers and this has allowed me to pass significant savings onto you. I can beat any med with an insurance co-pay, and other sources like GoodRx.  Often times, the cost of savings on your meds more than covers the cost of DPC membership. Please note, I will not be stocking, or dispensing controlled substances. 

Weight Management and Healthy Lifestyle Counseling

Food is medicine. Sleep is medicine. Lifestyle, work, stress, and environment all effect our health. While it is easy to often throw a pill at some problems, it is also often not the best or complete approach. The best approach takes time, counseling, and discussion with a qualified professional to help identify your goals, barriers to those goals, and to help work on ways to achieve those goals. This is a part of my profession that  I really enjoy because a large part of it is me getting to be a coach, but after that I get to be your cheerleader and enjoy your successes with you. I have taken the Columbia Universities Course on Obesity Medicine, and continue to keep up on the latest in medical, nutritional, and lifestyle medicine. 

Medical Assisted Therapy for Opiate Addiction

I am certified to provide Buprenorphine products for the treatment of opiate addiction. At this time, I have not set up to start doing this, but if there are people in need and wishing to be managed through me, I will be happy to offer this vital service. Contact me to discuss further.

Certified DOT Medical Examiner

I am certified to conduct DOT exams for those needing such for their CDL.

***Things I do not do***

* Chronic pain treatment with opioid/opiates

 I will gladly coordinate with a pain management specialist for you, but I do not manage this condition with any controlled substances. The pain specialist will have to be the one prescribing the medications and you will need to procure from a commercial pharmacy as I will not be dispensing or storing any controlled substances on the premises


Anxiety treatment with benzodiazepines (Ativan, Xanax, Klonopin, etc)            

 Anxiety needing these kinds of meds will be referred out to Psychiatry for optimal and safe management of care.  As with the above, prescription of controlled medications will be the purview of the specialist and procurement of these medications will be done through a commercial pharmacy as I will not store nor dispense controlled substances. 

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